VATICAN and the Road to Boys Town

Shapeshifters: The Masters in the Art of Assuming False Identitities through “Death,” Marriages of Convenience, Seminaries to become Priests, etc.



Bill Gates transferred billions in stock to Melinda Gates when news first broke about their divorce: two of the notable stocks were in:

  1. Diageo/Guinness (the company that bought George Clooney’s and Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber’s tequila business for $1 billion, and of whom at least two members of the Guinness family were closely tied to Epstein’s entourage: Rachel Chandler and Lady Clare Hazell Guinness, Countess of Iveagh.

Two people connected to the Children’s organization, NSPCC, above, implicated in the rape of children.

The Countess was accused by Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s most well-known accusers, of having abused her when she was a child). Diageo also acquired the NXIVM Bronfman’s Seagrams liquor business as well.

2. Femsa, Mexico’s Coca Cola business, with ties to the Marxist Betancourts.

While the global mainstream media spins fear over a virus with a 99% survival rate, stunning news of a pedophile ring, operated by “one of the highest-ranking, most visible” Roman Catholic Vatican officials in the United States, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, quietly unfolds in the background, with little outrage or attention from the public, since stories first broke late 2019.

Top Ranking Vatican Official in the U.S. Allegedly Running an Underage Sex Ring out of his New Jersey Beach House

The New York Post published an article in July 23, 2020, delving into the sordid details of how “ex-Cardinal McCarrick allegedly ran an underage sex ring out of his New Jersey beach house — where one victim claims he was molested by him and three other priests, according to a new lawsuit. The victim — “Doe 14” — says the alleged abuse began when he was 14 during overnight stays at McCarrick’s Sea Girt home in 1982.”

Other priests allegedly served as part of a “crew” of procurers of young boys for then-Bishop McCarrick, who “assigned sleeping arrangements, choosing his victims from the boys, seminarians and clerics present at the beach house,” the suit says.

“Credibly Accused,” Yet No Prison Time or Warnings about Their Past Offenses

On October 4, 2019, the Associated Press published their investigation revealing that:

Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses.

These priests, deacons, monks and lay people now teach middle school math. They counsel survivors of sexual assault. They work as nurses and volunteer at nonprofits aimed at helping at-risk kids. They live next to playgrounds and daycare centers. They foster and care for children.

And in their time since leaving the church, dozens have committed crimes, including sexual assault and possessing child pornography, the AP’s analysis found.

A recent push by Roman Catholic dioceses across the U.S. to publish the names of those it considers to be credibly accused has opened a window into the daunting problem of how to monitor and track priests who often were never criminally charged and, in many cases, were removed from or left the church to live as private citizens.”

Australia’s Highest Ranking Catholic & the Vatican’s Senior-most Official, as Head of Vatican Finances, Charged with Sex Crimes Against Children

Cardinal George Pell, head of Vatican’s finances when he was charged with crimes initially in 2017, and Australia’s senior-most Catholic, was also the highest ranking Vatican official to ever be charged with sex crimes against children.

Steven Bannon, with his own ties to Epstein and Brock Pierce (also on Epstein’s flight logs), interviewed Oprah’s former attorney, Liz Yore, who also served as General Counsel for the National Missing and Exploited Children Organization (see Jeff Koons and $91 million rabbit). She is the founder of Yore Children, specializing in exposing corruption within the Vatican. In the following interview, she breaks down the ‘bombshell Vatican financial scandal, why it goes to the very top, and that “Francis is being exposed as a corrupt papacy.”’ Her bio is below.

Parallels / Similar Patterns with a CP Production and Distribution Ring Case in Michigan, (North Fox Island, Circa 1975–1976) and Bill Gates’ Personal Engineer, Rick Allen Jones: MAGIC SHOWS, MAGICIANS (Gerald Richards), AND MAGIC HOUR FILMS

Francis Shelden, a “wealthy philanthropist,” was North Fox Island’s owner and head of a national and international CP production and distribution ring (1975–1976). See Catherine Broad’s research above.
Source: Techrights

Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission nature camp provided a front for Francis Shelden, a wealthy man whose grandfather, Russell Alger, was a former Governor of Michigan and was appointed Secretary of War as part of President William McKinley’s cabinet in 1897.

Shelden partnered up with Dyer Grossman, another wealthy multi-millionaire but from Long Island, New York and Adam Starchild (a pseudonym for Malcolm McConaghy), an expert in tax evasion and offshore accounts, after connecting on a CP network subscription newsletter, communicating through coded ads about seeing a “magic show*** — via a publication called the “Better Life Monthly” (BLM), similar to the UK’s Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) newsletter that UK Parliament members like pedophile Sir Peter Hayman* had been a member.


*Sir Peter Hayman was knighted in 1971, along with other confirmed /accused dead pedophiles Sir Jimmy Savile (1990), Sir Cyril Smith (1988), Sir Clement Freud, etc..**


NXIVM Bronfman sisters’ UK stepfather, Nigel Havers, is the son of the barrister, Sir Michael Havers, who dropped pedophile charges against Sir Peter Hayman, Bishop Peter Ball, at the request of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher many years prior. Bronfman sisters’ step aunt, Lady Butler Sloss, is Sir Michael Havers’ sister, and also a family court judge, selected by Prime Minister Theresa May, to sit on a reopened inquiry against child sex crimes by the UK Parliament members in 2014.

Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission enabled Shelden to fly unsupervised boys between the ages 7 and 16 on his private plane to the remote islands in the middle of Lake Michigan, known as North and South Fox Island, and qualify for state and federal aid (Source:

The new North Fox Island became “Boys Town” Malbazar India Orphanage, same name as the Franklin Call Boy scandal in Omaha, Nebraska was called Boys Town.

Two different UNICEF officials above. UN’s Top Children’s Rights Campaigner, Peter Newell’s accusations go back as far as the 1960s in India. He is also connected to the NSPCC, a children’s organization, as are the Epstein-connected Lady Clare Hazell Guinness, Countess of Iveagh (member of the Guinness Brewing family/Diageo).

Fox symbolism in the Bible

Below is an excerpt from Catherine Broad’s research, “North Fox Island, Circa 1975–1976.” Catherine Broad’s brother, Tim King, was ten years old when he was found sexually assaulted and murdered by the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK), suspected to be Chris Busch (Bush??), of Birmingham, Michigan, and who had been reported to have been found with rolls of film during the Fox Island investigations. Catherine’s brother was the fourth victim.

Source: Catherine Broad

The unsuspecting boys would then be coerced into performing obscene acts that would be filmed and distributed in CP magazines throughout a nationwide and international pedo network. The Michigan police found that these men were also scouting out other states for locations for more camps or child care facilities (see also NXIVM’s Rainbow Cultural Garden schools for young children and the McMartin preschool / satanic abuse scandal in Manhattan Beach, CA) where they would film homosexual underage pornography, using state and federal aid. They would file tax exemptions as charities and churches to avoid paying taxes.
Fox symbolism in the Bible

JonBenet Ramsey and Shelden’s North Fox Island

The website below unravels another rabbithole which links JonBenet Ramsey’s father and paternal grandfather with Fox Island’s Francis Shelden, through Michigan Aeronautics , of which JonBenet Ramsey’s grandfather was the head and Francis Shelden was on the board. JonBenet’s grandfather / Shelden sat on two different Michigan Aviation and Airport groups, in addition, and in the following link below, it speculates how this could be useful in their enterprise.

This researcher links JonBenet Ramsey’s dad, as the CEO of an Amsterdam, Netherlands based company, Access Graphics, to being Shelden’s company, and the one who had hired Ramsey’s dad as the CEO. Access Graphics allegedly was operating in the same production / distribution /encryption / access to the dark web as the Fox Island subscription service (Subscribers to the Fox Island CP newsletter would sponsor Brother Paul’s and other camps throughout the country, and depending on how much they paid, would allow the subscribers access to come stay at these camps, etc.). Shelden was suspected to have fled to the Netherlands after his partner at Brother Paul’s Mission, Richards, was about to be arrested for CP. The researcher also reveals how the Michigan town of Charlevoix is 20 minutes / miles from Fox Island, and that JonBenet Ramsey’s parents had relocated to Charlevoix after her murder.

Gerald Richards was the photographer, corresponding with Shelden about a “MAGIC SHOW.”
Terry Richardson, also a photographer, accused of sexual assault and exploitation.

Edible Schoolyard (Alice Waters / Moloch) + Edible Children (Comet’s Jimmy Alefantis)

Sidenote: The Father of Urban Gardening is well-known and prolific pedophile “Adam Purple,” aka David Wilkie/ Edible Schoolyard Project, Alice Waters was featured in many of Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis’ infamous Instagram posts about edible children, etc. and the Edible Schoolyard’s ties to Michelle Obama’s school lunch project (receiving taxpayer funds/grants)

Why did Alice Waters give James Alefantis an apron with Moloch embroidered on it?

The documentary, “Boys for Sale: American Tragedy,” was mentioned and highly recommended by Catherine Broad on her blog. Starting from 37 minutes and 23 seconds in, the panel starts to discuss BOOKSTORES and their roles in trading and dealing in clandestine materials above, until about 40 minutes into the documentary.
Huma Abedin on the Board of HRC’s Anti-trafficking NGO, Vital Voices

See Ocean Living Institute in New Jersey, Church of New Revelation, and Adam Starchild.

Watch the Water: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Terramar Project, Ocean Institute and Fox Island, and Ocean Living Institute

Techrights has a detailed investigation into a similar case of suspected manufacturing and distribution of CP by Bill Gates’ personal engineer, Rick Allen Jones, who was found with 6,000+ pics and videos of pre-teen rape, and was arrested by Seattle Police at the Gates’ estate. Google had reported his gmail account after they had found the images being traded on his email.

Bill Gates’ mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was related to Nelson Rockefeller. Her paternal grandfather was the head of the Federal Reserve SF in Seattle, and there are some claims that she is Robert Maxwell’s sister, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s aunt.

Sara Ruth Ashcraft and the PizzaGate Connection

Originally from Birmingham or Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sara Ruth Ashcraft began tweeting about being trafficked out by an “uncle” to Tom Hanks, when she was only 13 years old. She has called out the Roeper School, a private school in Birmingham, Hilary Clinton, and the Democratic party. In one of her tweets, she mentions that her dad was a high level Democratic party member and treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party in the Oakland County area.

Oakland County includes the towns of Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where pedophile millionaire Francis Shelden, the ringleader of the North Fox Island CP ring, sat on the board of the Cranbrook Schools, before fleeing to the Netherlands, after charges were pressed against him.

Cranbrook’s buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (See Taleisin murder).

Cranbrook Schools was founded by donations from the Scripps media family, “noted philanthropists, George and Ellen Booth (See more). They are connected to Canterbury and Cranbrook Kent in the UK.

Cranbrook, Kent in England UK

Cranbrook is generally a very healthy location, with many nonagenarians attributed by some to the high level of iron in the water. Persecutions reappeared in the 17th century, when five Cranbrook women Anne Ashby, Ann Martyn, Mary Brown, Mildred Wright and Ann Wilson were tried at Maidstone for witchcraft, found guilty and hanged in 1652. Three years later George Fox, founder of the Quaker religion, visited the town and converted several people, but further persecutions followed after Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, and a leading Quaker died while languishing in Maidstone gaol accused of holding seditious meetings. Nevertheless the many non-conformist groups in Cranbrook continued to flourish. Another kind of non-conformity is seen in the person of Daniel Defoe, who after antagonising the King with his outspoken pen lived secretly in a cottage near Cranbrook for a while and is said to have written Robinson Crusoe there. Source

The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England. Prince Charles, upon his coronation, would inherit the Queen’s title of supreme governor of the Church of England.

Prince Charles’ and Pedophile Bishop Peter Ball

Princess Diana’s Missing Tape Recording of George Smith’s Rape Testimony


On March 20, 2019, USA Today reported that “nearly 400 Catholic clergy members in Illinois have been accused of sexual misconduct, but church officials have only informed congregants of a fraction of those who faced allegations, according to attorneys who represented clergy sex abuse victims across the USA.”

“The dangers of sexual abuse in Illinoise is clearly a problem of today, not just the past,” the report concludes. “This will continue to be a danger until the identities and histories of sexually abusive clerics, religious employees and seminarians are made public.”

The men named in the report worked in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the dioceses of the surrounding areas: Belleville, Joliet, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield. The Archdiocese of Chicago serves about 2.1 million Catholics.


Baltimore, Maryland was the central Catholic stronghold in the U.S., with the majority of its community practicing parishioners. The Keepers documentary unravels a deep web of systemic abuse that had been hidden over the past fifty years, allowing the perpetrators to hurt many more minors, with evidence turning up missing or conveniently lost, at the hands of the floundering police. It follows the accusations surrounding Father Maskell, another priest, Father Magnus, and other alleged perpetrators involving members of the police force, local businessmen, etc. at Keough School for girls in a Baltimore neighborhood, around the mid 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Only one or two police officers seemed to genuinely try to solve the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnick, Joyce Malecik, and the 30 to 100 women who have come forward alleging the abuse they endured as minors at Keough, and previously at St. Clements Church where Father Maskell had been transferred from in 1967, after a bold and livid young mother stormed the Archdiocese of Baltimore to report that the priest had abused her eighth grade son. The Baltimore District Attorney May (any relation to UK’s Theresa May?) was accused by one of the investigators as “running interference for the Archdiocese” whenever any abuse allegations came up against a priest and neglected to charge anybody with any crimes, and the police investigation would fall short of finding a suspect. The District Attorney is interviewed in the Keepers, and worth watching.

“The story is not the Nun’s killing, the story is the COVER UP of the Nun’s story.”

The similarities between Cardinal McCarrick’s scandal and the allegations investigated in the Keepers, follow a pattern. November 19, 2020, the New York Post published an article reporting that four accusers of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick filed a lawsuit against the Vatican, for its liability in allowing the cleric to serve in multiple positions in New York and New Jersey despite knowing of numerous allegations over the years.

McCarrick was appointed archbishop of Washington, D.C., in 2000 by Pope John Paul II and became one of the highest-ranking, most visible Roman Catholic officials in the United States and a skilled fundraiser.

THE KEEPERS shares many similarities with what happened in the Franklin Scandal, in Omaha, Nebraska, the home of the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. The documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, was banned when it first came out. Here is the film in full.

“Conspiracy of Silence is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a U.S. child sex abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, Conspiracy of Silence reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child sex abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.”

The Clinton Chronicles is another must watch documentary, with a similar pattern of events. Larry Nichols was a truthseeker and an American hero. He passed away last year.

Here is the full original film, The Clinton Chronicles. Every patriot American should watch this and they should show this in all of our history classes in schools.

Nancy Pelosi and the Baltimore Connection

On January 11, 2021, it was reported by the website, From The Trenches World Report, that late Wednesday night, the “FBI declassified hundreds of documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father and former mayor of Baltimore Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., who had known mob connections and exposes her brother as a repeat child rapist, while the media was busy covering the U.S. Capitol protest that very night.

On page 42 and 43, the FBI details that Nancy Pelosi’s brother, Franklin, viciously gangraped an 11-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl with 14 other men. Franklin Alesandro was the only one that was acquitted of all charges of the whole group, because his father had government and mob connections as the corrupt and incompetent mayor of Baltimore.

It is worth mentioning that one of the Archdiocese of Baltimore lawyers was a woman with the surname D’Alessandro. She was featured in the Netflix documentary, The Keepers, as one of the representatives to speak for the church, at a committee State of Maryland representatives’ hearing about a bill that would extend or rid the Statute of Limitations against the abuse allegations against the priest, etc..

Statute of Limitations

The Church would use the legal technicality of a statute of limitations, to shield itself, or argue that “repressed memories” were planted seeds and therefore, unreliable testimony; and, as was commonly the case in various Archdioceses throughout the U.S., would wash its hands of “the problem” when its bishops/chaplains would try to appease the accusers and their families by disclosing that the priest no longer worked for that dioscese or school. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the victims, the Archdioscese would instead transfer the priest to a different or adjacent parish, where they would continue to find more underage victims to prey on, and pimp or traffick out to their network. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when the smoke grew too dense, and hundreds of victims came forth with their testimonies, the priests were sent overseas to Ireland, the Philippines, etc..

Burden of Proof on the Victim to Corroborate

Only when two dedicated and steely women, who had been Sister Cathy Cesnick’s students in the 1960’s ventured forth in a citizens’ investigation, that would eventually snowball into an active grassroots network of past alumni, survivors, and armchair researchers, and later made into a Netflix documentary in 2017, would the bigger picture or facts of the case become publicly widespread, the pattern of abuse and how the Archdioceses’ canon lawyers would operate in gaslighting its accusers, and how the Church enabled the abuse to fester. Jane Doe and Jane Roe in the 2014 case against the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Sisters of Notre Dame, etc. were asked by the Archdiocese’s bishops to corroborate their claims with evidence of other abuse victims. The Keepers documentary producers found that, all the while, the Archdiocese had been aware of a case since 1967, of Father Maskell abusing an eighth grade boy, after his mother had reported him to them, and that they had subsequently transferred the pedophile priest to Keough immediately thereafter, where he would go and abuse Jane Doe, Roe, and between 35–100 more underage students.

In the liability suit against the Vatican, regarding Cardinal McCarrick, three of the plaintiffs alleging McCarrick abused them as youths in the 1980s, and a fourth who is a priest, alleges McCarrick abused him at a beach house in New Jersey in the 1990s, are seeking an injunction to force the Vatican to release the names of more than 3,000 clerics who have been “credibly accused of sexual abuse,” and all documents relating to those claims.

Popes from John Paul II to Benedict to Francis “chose to conceal and condone this conduct. The lawsuit characterizes the Holy See, the government of the Catholic Church located in Vatican City, as a “vast enterprise” that exerted total control over McCarrick, its employee, and had the sole authority to remove him but refused to do so because of its policy of keeping sexual abuse allegations secret.

The New York Post quotes that “If Defendant Holy See had not engaged in its vast enterprise of soliciting funds, recruiting members, and other commercial activities, and had not deceived Plaintiffs while undertaking this commercial activity, Plaintiffs would not have been abused,” the lawsuit reads.

The Holy See has argued successfully in prior lawsuits, that as a foreign sovereign, they are immune, and its priests are not Vatican employees.

The Takeaway or Pattern

Each instance involved a camp or school, usually private, for children or teens. The victims would range from foster, lost or broken youth who lacked a father figure, to those that attended expensive private schools, often on scholarship or with trust funds set up by the benefactor. The perpetrator would be a wealthy benefactor or a person of power, providing the use of his cabin, beach house, island, etc. where their prey would be invited, and then abused.



Also see Haiti and Laura Gayler Silsby (a different redheaded woman accused of trafficking 33 Haitian children, her ties to Alertsense (an Amber Alert company), and the C. lintons.

Lakeside School for Boys / Bill Gates and Paul Allen alumni — Pedophile Judge Gary Little

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